The Mission Inn Gardens

Our new pollinator garden is in full bloom and we are already seeing a flurry of bees, hummingbirds and butterflies eager to visit. Many of you have asked what we are growing so we thought we’d share some of our beautiful native plants. 

Click on the image above to see a larger map of The Mission Inn Gardens.

What's Growing in the Garden?

Around the inn you will find a variety of native plants and flowers designed to attract pollinators year-round. Here’s are some of the plants that you will see the next time you visit:

Why Did You Choose Native Plants?

One of the main reasons we had our beds replanted using native perennial plants was to help conserve water. Native plants have less of an environmental impact on our natural resources because they are well adapted to the region. Established plants are also less prone to disease and require less time and effort to care for, which is ideal for us as busy innkeepers. Also, native plants are long-blooming which means wildlife (and our guests) can enjoy them all summer long.

Who Created the Gardens?

This past spring we worked with Dustin from the NJ Wildlife Gardener to transform our gardens into even more of a sustainable, natural environment for the birds, butterflies, and insects. By selecting native plants and pollinator-friendly flowers our continued goal is to reduce our water usage, eliminate pesticides, provide habitats for wildlife, and ensure that the gardens remain beautiful for years to come. 

Who Maintains the Gardens?

Most mornings before breakfast you will find Laura outside weeding, pruning, and watering the gardens. She is responsible for making sure that they look beautiful and continue to thrive through the various seasons. 

What's the Sign in the Garden Mean?

We are proud to have been certified as wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. In order to qualify for this status, we had to ensure that the gardens met the criteria of providing food, water, cover, and places for local wildlife to raise their young, all while using sustainable gardening practices. To learn more about how you can get your own gardens certified, visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website .

Native Plant Resources

Want to learn more about New Jersey native plants? Check out the Audubon’s Native Plant database, New Jersey Audubon’s website, or Jersey-Friendly Yards

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